The Last Countdown

Welcome as member of our movement!

If you believe what we believe and would like to be a part of our movement and show it publicly, please use this tool to apply the “star crown” of Jesus-Alnitak to your forehead. You can use the picture in social networks and anywhere else. God bless you!

We recommend to comment on the picture as follows:

The 144,000 were all sealed and perfectly united. On their foreheads was written, God, New Jerusalem, and a glorious star containing Jesus’ new name. At our happy, holy state the wicked were enraged, and would rush violently up to lay hands on us to thrust us into prison, when we would stretch forth the hand in the name of the Lord, and they would fall helpless to the ground. Then it was that the synagogue of Satan knew that God had loved us who could wash one another’s feet and salute the brethren with a holy kiss, and they worshiped at our feet. {EW 15.1}