The Last Countdown

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Of course I received some, but comparatively few, mails since the May 1st like the following:

At May 1st did not happen anything, did it?
Just wanted to ask, perhaps you know something...
When are they going to vote for Sunday Law in the European Union? Or do they have now other problems because of Greece?
With kind regards

Dear brother John!
Everybody is asking me now, "Oops, didn't come the Sunday Law?" Because all of them do have a copy of the "Year of Saul" article their supposition seems to confirm, that it isn't serious. I searched the Internet if there was a collection of signatures at May 1st but couldn't find out if something happened at all. Here in ... I am alone with a friend and nobody in church speaks about the time of the end; it is almost dangerous to mention something like that. No actual events in the sermons, we are only asked to read the Bible. Would you please write me, what happens in the background? Because I do not speak English it is rather hard for me to get some information. Thank you, and I would be very happy to read from you.
Have a blessed week, your sister in the Lord

These are the worried mails of beloved brethren who are supporting John Scotram and are attacked because seemingly nothing happened on May 1st. Well, did nothing really happen which at least could give us hints on how far away the Sunday Law is? It is also interesting to remark that not just one critic wrote anything similar and said that nothing would have happened. I just get to know this from third persons. Do the critics know more than the supporters of my studies?

In my article The Year of Saul, I examined a special message of the Vatican that the reign of Satan would already have started at 29th of July, 2009. The so far newest papal encyclical was published indeed at this date, in which the Pope wants to see an ethical world leader as head of a newly to be established economical world government. I had asked: "Who else except he himself could be it?"

Later, I mentioned a study of Canadian brethren that I had read, and compared if the many time distance indications that are given there, even exactly on the day, would coincide with preceding worldwide events; and therefore, if their time lines would have already started. They do have two overlapping 1260 days periods. The first starts with the application of the Pope for world leadership and ends with the close of probation. The second begins whilst the first with a Worldwide Sunday Law and ends shortly before Jesus' Coming.

Between the Universal Sunday Law and the National Sunday Law in US that comes before, they see a short distance of 75 days. And between the application of the Pope for world dominion, which I saw at the 10th of July, 2009, when Obama visited the Pope in a secret meeting after the G8 summit which established the G20 as new economical world government, we had to expect 295 days until the beginning of the National Sunday Law in U.S. according to the map of the Canadians. This indicated May 1st, 2010 and marked the beginning of the time lines of Daniel 12 in the map of the Canadians.

In the article The Resurrection of the Beast, I already addressed some errors in the map of the Canadians. I proved, with the Bible, that the timelines would not start as they believe with a National Sunday Law in U.S. but with the healing of the wound of the first beast of Revelation 13. Please attentively reread this article because the predictions there are ready to be fulfilled very soon.

I clearly stated that I would just investigate in the section Behind Enemy Lines which messages left from the Vatican and also would examine if the Canadian brethren are right with their time line studies or not. Now, my adversaries seem to use May 1st to attack the Orion Study of a different section The Clock of God and try to destroy it. But the Orion Clock is God's own prophecy and does not change, like God does not change, but the plans of Satan in the section "Behind Enemy Lines" can be controlled and foiled by God. Whomever mixes both of these sections up and uses it against the Book of God in Orion is venturing onto thin ice.

These are almost criminal, treacherous, and fraudulent tactics of seduction. Do they want to obscure the light radiated by the Orion Study to the sins of the people of Seventh Day Adventists with this distortion of my statements? I should have expected exactly this after knowing our church now for several years. They are blind leaders and unfortunately many of the people (but not all) are blind too.

Now, neither the European nor the American Sunday Law did come directly at May 1st. But did nothing really happen? I do not believe that the timelines of Daniel 12 already started, and I found more and much heavier errors in the study of the Canadians by help of the Orion Clock. They studied everything with devotion and with best human efforts but they were missing a special revelation of the time map of God. Therefore there must have been errors in the study of the Canadians. For example, they see the beginning of the repetition of the seals and trumpets also just 295 days before the Sunday Law in USA; but the Orion Clock shows that the seals are repeating already since 1846. I did not mention this because I did not want to hurt or attack anybody. I still do not attack the study of the Canadians but mention just parts of it that have to be corrected. Many details are surely correctly identified and I will emphasize these positive findings as soon as they will come to pass.

In the article The Resurrection of the Beast, I stated clearly that "it will get exciting from 1st of May" and we should monitor exactly what will happen from there on. Seemingly, no one did heed my counsel that I again have to gather the information. I notice, anyway, that just a few brethren bother to use the studies that I gather in the articles to advance with their own studies. I emphasized already many times that there are still more findings in the Orion Clock. Did anybody so far discover that there are still other important years marked in Orion? Please advance with your studies and do not wait until I find the time to finish the article series The Throne Lines which will surely cause even more agitation in SDA church.

But one thing was already clear: May 1st 2010, the 234th birthday of the Illuminati, would be the launch of the last big deception of mankind by Satan. He knows that he just has little time and he uses it now. Let us just read in the news what happened at and around May 1st, OK?


1. The oil spill along the Gulf Coast of the USA

At the night of April 30 to May 1, the first harbingers of the oil spill at the coast of Louisiana arrived after the explosion of the drilling rig of April 26. On May 1st, in three other states, a state of emergency was proclaimed. This crisis made Obama, on May 2, travel there because there is harsh criticism of his stance on the same day. It is rumored that the oil spill could even lead to his fall. They call it even "the Katrina of Obama". Of course he will not allow this to happen. There are many messages on May 1st that the United States could be cut off from 25% of its oil deliveries which have to go through the strait of the Gulf. Hence, an economic and ecological chaos is threatening the US. Jesus comes to destroy those who destroy the earth! Ellen White also says that first would come national apostasy (Sunday Laws) and then would follow national ruin (economic bankruptcy, anarchy, dictatorship). If we see the ruin already coming, the Sunday Laws have to come even earlier.

2. A failed terrorist attack in the heart of the USA

On the evening of the May 1st, a terrorist attack at Times Square in New York was foiled. That happened at the evening of the Labor Day as many Labor Union meetings took place there. It would probably have been a far greater carnage as on 9/11. If hits would have "worked out", martial law would already have been established in the US. First news said that it would have been a single perpetrator, but the Taliban confessed from the very beginning that they would be responsible for the terrorist attack. Now, the knowledge condenses that the man seems to belong to a network of Pakistani terrorists. This corresponds to the predictions of some top analysts who since three years are foreseeing for the year 2010 terrorist attacks in the US that would change everything.

That was the plan as a birthday gift for the Illuminati but was thwarted by the hand of God. Now they already threaten with something bigger and international observers and experts predict a major attack for the remaining months of 2010. What is missing in the US, is a major crisis! How many of this kind do we still need in USA? Katrina, economic collapse of the real estate bubble, the largest oil spill in US history and now a major impending terrorist attack, which undoubtedly will be again directed by its own government, as was 9/11 before. When will the dollar cease to exist and starting with this event begin anarchy and military rule? The experts are predicting a period of a few months, but certainly still in 2010.

3. The fall of the Euro Empire

On May 1st, there was serious rioting in Greece because of the austerity package which had been proclaimed as a rescue operation for the bankrupt country. Three people died in the flames in a bank into which a Molotov cocktail had been thrown. Anarchy reigns in the streets of Athens. On Monday, the 3rd of May the Euro begins to fall steadily. Panic spreads in the foreign exchange markets. One speaks of the disintegration of the Euro zone and even the European Union. That will destabilize the entire global economy and also lead to the disintegration of the dollar as the top analysts on are stating clearly. Anyone who purchases a membership there, may hear and see whereto the fall and the riots of Greece from May 1st could lead:

  1. Anarchy in Europe first, then in the whole world.
  2. Destruction of the Euro and then the Dollar.
  3. Military dictatorship in US.
  4. World reign of US in a New World Order.

And all are agreeing, within the next 9 - 12 months comes the third World War, without which the ailing world economy could not be saved. These are expert opinions, and I stay out of that. All I know is that Ellen White has seen that before the collapse of democracy and a dictatorship and ruin of the US as a free nation, the national apostasy in the form of Sunday Laws will come, and I trust in this.

4. Unprecedented price falls at the stock markets

On Thursday, May 6, the US stock market crashes along with the Dow Jones index as well as another 8 indexes. A price collapse almost like a "miracle" over 1,000 points within minutes that leads tens of thousands of investors at the border of ruin. Only those who had insider information about this imminent course fall could save themselves. Leading experts agree: It was not a typo, it was not a computer error, but "someone with incredible power has committed something". Yes, and indeed he committed a crime. It was the largest investor fraud of human history. Hundreds of billions of dollars of capital have been destroyed in 10 minutes. The worst of this crime was that during the course fall no investor could neither buy nor sell. All were powerless and had to watch how their investments raced into the stop losses that had been set previously very low and their assets had been destroyed. They could take no action anymore. An unprecedented case of economic crime!

The victims: the middle class, small and medium enterprises, small and medium-sized private investors and smaller banks that are not part of the worldwide economic power of the Pope which is led by the Bilderberg group.

The winners: the Insiders, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Pope.

On Friday, May 7, the whole fraud repeats once more in a little abated form. Another "miracle" or another economic crime?

It raises the question: "Why does the Pope need so much stolen money right now?"

5. A weird statement at

At the website of MEP Martin Kastler, where he collects the signatures for the first European citizen initiative that wants to establish a European Sunday Law, we read a strange message to the press:

May 2, 2010
On the Road to Success– more than 15.000 signatures for a work-free Sunday

Just two months after the start of the online campaign "Mum and Dad belong to us on Sunday" more than 15,000 supporters from across Europe have registered at For the initiator Martin Kastler this means that the campaign is “on the road to success”. He reports: "Additionally more than 1,300 supporters have already registered on facebook for a work free Sunday. And these supporters come from all over Europe." The Member of European Parliament Kastler announced as a next step to find coordinators for the campaign in the different Member States. Because only through a decentralized management of the campaign's concern the protection of a work-free Sunday could be taken forward citizen-friendly in the individual Member States.

Of course, I had observed the development of their collection of signatures. The limit of one million signatures had already been lowered significantly in order to let this citizen's initiative succeed. There are just 300,000 signatures required to bring about a new discussion of the Sunday Law in the European Parliament. But the trend on this web site had been rather slow since March and right in April just trickled in a little more than 1,000 signatures. After the campaign was launched in March with 14,000 signatures, one could interpret this only as a big failure.

Now, Martin Kastler, one day after May 1st, says just the opposite. He talks about a breakthrough! [The German original article of Martin Kastler uses "breakthrough" instead of "On the Road to Success"] Where and when did this "breakthrough" happen, if you can not see it by the number of signatures on this same site?

We know that on May 1st important trade union meetings were held, and the breakthrough, about which Kastler speaks, can only have happened there. These people know something we do not know yet, and in my next article in this section, A Gift of Heaven, I will show you what it is.

To heal his child "Europe" from the old wound, the Pope needs money- a lot of money. But he wants to destabilize also the world economy to begin his reign "of peace and security". For this he needs disasters, terrorist attacks and empty bellies of a humanity that cries out for peace and security. If money is gone, all will start to scream, and when the stomach is empty, Sunday Laws restricting the religious freedom of a few fanatics will seem to be a very small price for a full plate.

Since May 1st we have seen the beginning of all these man-made "plagues" by a satanic elite. Only those who are completely blind and deaf are still claiming, "Nothing happened!"

A lot has happened: We were all witnesses of the beginning of the end of the time of the end since the 1st of May 2010.

Yes, come Lord Jesus and lead us home!

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