The Last Countdown

In the form of a picture series, this article offers the complete decryption of the signet of the Pauline Year, 2008/2009, published years ago by the Vatican. We made a first attempt at deciphering it in the article The Year of Saul. At that time, we were very close to the true meaning of this highly satanic symbol. In truth, it represents the chain of Satan, with which he wants to bind all mankind under the New World Order. (Note: The images contain many links to additional articles and news releases. The links will highlight when you move the mouse over them.)

Trident Warning (Part 1)!

Trident Warning (Part 2)

Trident Warning (Part 3)

Trident Warning (Part 4)

Trident Warning (Part 5)

Trident Warning (Part 6)

Trident Warning (Part 7)


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