The Last Countdown

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If we consider the efforts of Satan and look very closely at which church he specifically attacks and understand that this is an indirect proof of who the true church of God really is, there remains only one conclusion: It must be the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With these introductory words, unwelcome by many factions, I am back again on the battlefield of the war between good and evil, light and darkness, which will continue just a little while longer.

Many expected John Scotram to disappear or lose his courage, because it seems that no one from his former church—or any other SDA community—supported him and there were attacks against him; but a man of God can do nothing other than to keep preaching the truth, because the Holy Spirit does not give him rest. I received new insights almost daily and the short break which I apparently took was in fact not a break but rather the busiest time of my life because there were so many new discoveries at once that I had to put them into a framework first, then work through many related studies until I could summarize the most important facts for you here.

The responsibility that God has laid upon me is big.  The new series that I am now starting to write will probably show that the responsibility is much bigger than just to admonish the church and to tell a few members who are willing to believe what the Lord reveals that we are nearing the last decisive battle and that this has a lot to do with 2012 and 2014.

The messages that I have for the church are so important this time, that even the life and death of the church itself, may depend upon how these messages are interpreted and implemented. I want to state very clearly that this is not just about the big SDA Church, but it is about the survival of Adventism as a whole or its complete destruction.

Lucifer, who will soon appear as an angel of light, has decided to put an end to the church and all its organized offshoots (SDARM or IMS). The great majority are sleeping, waiting for the proclamation of the infamous "Sunday Law in the US" and do not realize that the attacks of Satan on the church are in full swing. The enemy of souls feels great satisfaction when he  sees that almost all church members are sleeping and do not realize that their church may soon cease to exist, and then the so long awaited "Sunday Law" would no longer be necessary because the church would have been already successfully destroyed beforehand.

In subsequent articles, I will address the most dangerous heresies, which the ingenuity of the most deceitful created being of the universe has devised to mislead even those who consider themselves the elect, and thus destroy the entire Adventist Church. I stress again that all SDA churches which still believe somehow in the pillars of Adventism, can (and must) benefit from these new findings, provided they would not be led astray by their blind leaders again, to reject all new light and finally just be part of history, without having carried out the sacred trust that they received from Jesus Christ.

In these articles, there will no longer be the question of whether and which of the SDA churches is "Babylon" or "in apostasy". He who is still pecking on his brother who is from the "other SDA community", has not recognized what it’s all about in this hour of need and that all Adventists' future is at stake.

Since the attacks of the satanic groups are directed against the sanctuary of Jesus and His church, their primary target is also the heavenly sanctuary, where Jesus performs the ministry of expiation in the Day of the Investigative Judgment since 1844.  Our Lord in His wisdom hid the antidote to Satan's poisons in the sanctuary so that it can be taken or used by the church as soon as needed in the last final battle.

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19)

If you decide to deal with snakes and scorpions and other poisonous creatures, you would do well to take a serum with you that can counter the poisons of the animals around you. But those who do not know which toxins await them may have no antidote or one that has no effect if they are stung or bitten. I live on my farm in South America where we have many poisonous snakes and all sorts of other unpleasant creatures. Just yesterday, I encountered a scorpion right on my dining room floor.  After much study, I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I had already turned off the light and at the last moment my wife yelled at me so loudly that I froze in terror. She had seen something moving on the floor. Her "loud cry" woke me from my carelessness and saved me from a lot of pain and possibly death. Because of that, today I am beginning this new series for you.

I know what I am talking about, and I know that we have to be prepared. Here, although it is very inconvenient at temperatures up to 110 degrees, whomever does not take charcoal as first-aid with him to the farm work and wear sturdy boots up to the knee, gambles not just with his life but would have to bear the responsibility of one saying of him that he caused his downfall due to a negligent lack of preparation, and lost his life by his own folly. So it is with all current SDA churches. They know that they are operating in a field full of snakes and scorpions, but they have no serum with them, not even charcoal, and like a drowsy man toddling into his supposedly warm bed while the lights are already switched off, they are unable to see that the scorpion has already extended its tail in order to sting their heel.

"Ah, Jesus will protect us," they say in light-hearted arrogance, and rely on the fact that a messenger of God once foretold that the church (which one?) would go through to the end, and call it "faith". No, this is not faith; it is neglect of our God-given gifts. We do not have a brain just to turn it off, but to use it to counter the enemy with all the power that Jesus promised to those who believe and act according to the light that was given them. New light is only promised to those who seek it and not to those who just warm the pews on Sabbath and have no other questions during week. In general, Jesus has something against those who believe they know everything already. This also means that he appreciates those who ask questions, know that they do not yet know everything, want to know more, ask and explore the scriptures with a lot of prayer.

I may have many character flaws that Jesus has not yet fully cleaned. My tone and my determination may put off some. Some say I do not have the "sweet love of Jesus" when I express in my articles how much the lukewarmness of the churches makes me want to vomit. But, have any of you read at some time the Old Testament, or the words that Jesus says to the church of Laodicea? Or have you read that Jesus drove the merchants out of the temple with a whip? How does all of this fit with the often misunderstood "sweet love of Jesus"? Do you still not understand that Jesus hates sin and that He is just about to put an end to it once and for all, and all sinners with it who did not allow Him to clean them?

There is one character flaw I do not have! I will not let myself be lulled to sleep by Satan. I am searching every day for the truth, and when I find something new that I think could save a few souls for Jesus I sit down and write it here on the Internet, although the reactions and the attitude of most of you are nauseating and make me almost fraught with despair and sadness. How I have already shed many tears for many of you who blindly run to their doom, and how much more our Creator, who has gone for you even to the cross!

Anyone who has read the other Orion articles knows that all pillars of Adventist faith are confirmed in Orion. Do I have to mention it again, or is it sufficient to refer you to the last series of articles The Throne Lines? I will leave it for now and I hope that the interested reader once again reminds himself so that there is no need to keep asking "How I understand the Holy Spirit, whether I think He is a person or not." How many e-mails of that kind I had to answer, after clearly stating my position about our doctrines in the studies! The Orion Clock could not have been found if I would not have realized that three persons of one and the same divine council would sit on the throne of God. Otherwise, we would have to look for a constellation of five stars, then all references to the "seven stars" in the Bible would be a farce!

How many of you have actually realized the real purpose and the true message of Orion? From the many emails I received, I can only conclude that 99% of the readers are only interested in finding out exactly when Jesus will come and they do not want to recognize that the Orion includes the time only to convince the church that it is 'five minutes to twelve' and there is very little time for repentance. But the greater part of church is meanwhile silent and hides behind some statements of Ellen White that we should not fix the time.  They do not understand that it is not John Scotram who determines the time, but Jesus, who now at the end of time is ready to show us His Clock and that He has placed the clock hands so that they mark the sins of His people in the Investigative Judgment and also the lateness of the hour.

This is indeed a dangerously stupid behavior, and whomever knows God knows that He lets us know more precisely what His plans are as we near the fulfilling of a prophecy. The reactions of the churches and of most of those who talk to me are showing that they do not know God and Jesus. God would never let us stay in the dark about His imminent return. Hence He now gives the time, but also the sins so that they could cooperatively repent and avert bigger disaster.

I am ashamed, brethren and friends. I am ashamed of us!  I am ashamed that so few realize how much patience and love our Lord has with our stubborn and perverse generation. Yes, I still lack much of the sweet love of Jesus because sometimes I ask myself how long I must stand you, but Jesus already asked that 2000 years ago. I understand my God and I know that He wants to take those that are left who truly know Him home now, and He will do this extremely soon!

The Bible shows us clearly what God is doing when the time of patience and testing is over. There are many examples in the history of Israel, which is the type for the current spiritual Israel, the SDA church(es). We did not want to obey in good times and to remove the evil in our midst so we could have been able to finish our mission. We did not stay pure but made a pact with Jezebel, whether collectively or individually. We have joined the ecumenical movement and spiritually murdered Jesus' messenger, Ellen G. White, by not following her God-given instructions and have taken them all too lightly.  We have crucified Jesus once more with our worldliness and again shouted: "His blood be upon us and our children!" Now that the prophesied persecution comes, and hence comes true, what we have caused by ourselves, is the bitter consequence of the fact that we have learned nothing since 1888 and even did not want to learn anything and followed like the blind our blind self-chosen leaders.

What is now upon us is what always came upon God's people when they disobeyed: blood and tears, exile and suffering, death and misery ... until, in the time of Jacob's trouble a small group will have completely realized what has happened. This small remnant of us, just 144,000 persons, will cry then to God for deliverance. It did not have to be that bad. We can also learn this if we read the ancient prophets. Everything that happened was conditional prophecy, but what must happen now cannot be reversed anymore by any condition. The time has passed!

At the election of the new SDA World President, Ted Wilson, the church ship seemed to change its course to the right. This saved the church leadership from immediate destruction during the General Conference, which was announced in dreams and visions by a number of SDA brethren. Ted Wilson is known as a conservative president and of course I have seen his original inaugural speech and also followed his comments in three different languages on the Internet and via mail and analyzed it all. I have not seen it as my job to give an opinion about him. I do not know this man good enough to have a clear opinion already. I just watched. I saw that his statements correspond in many respects to what I believe, and I understand that Jesus did not destroy the General Conference in Atlanta by a disaster for that reason. This was clearly a conditional prophecy and I also stated that. But the shaking of the church, which has begun with the Orion message in January 2010, can not be averted even by Ted Wilson. It is too late. "The die is cast", a Roman would say, because the church failed miserably in all the tests that we faced since 1888. The prophecy is being fulfilled now. Although the church ship seems to turn slightly.

Everything seemed as though the church would fall... but now, at the very last moment before the announcement of the Sunday Laws, the miracle happens—in the present SDA Church, which is almost completely in apostasy, a man is elected as church president who wants to see old values and pillars of our faith to be restored. He spoke in his inaugural speech about the fact that the global ecumenism would be "a sign of the imminent coming of Jesus". I hope that he wanted to make clear by this that we must not approach anymore the ecumenical movement. But he expressed himself—from what I understand—in very careful terms, perhaps in view of the presence of envoys from the two Chinese ecumenical presidents and the "Jesuit" German leadership of the SDA Church, which voted unanimously against adopting the new wording of the statement of the creation week consisting of six consecutive 24-hour days and thus proved that they are children of the Vatican. The photos of the German leaders at this voting, which I had to watch on the Internet, shocked me.

When I began the studies for the new series, I had no idea that Jesus would have for this new president of the church ship a very special message that had remained hidden for more than 3,500 years before the eyes of His people. At the end of this series Jesus will approach Ted Wilson directly from the sanctuary to make clear what He expects of him and what his task for the last remaining years of earth would be. I can only pray that he will hear and heed this message. But let's talk about this later, in much more detail.

Before we get into the topic, allow me a few thoughts on the events in my country that I can follow as a "subscriber" of German Adventist e-mail distribution lists even from South America. What is going on over there in Germany is simply unbelievable! It is so incredible that those leaders of what for decades has been such an important SDA country, are ruling in complete disobedience to the world leadership and still remain in their positions. That a worldwide church president does not put an end to this Jesuit puppet show, inclines me to doubt again the assertiveness and authority of this new president. Sure, we have to give him a little more time. There is still a little time, until the Sunday Laws will come in Europe and a whole continent will slip through his fingers, if "history repeats" that which was recorded in the years 1914, 1936 and 1986; particularly for Germany and Europe in the Orion and caused a negative trend for the global church. It's all just ridiculous and shameful!

Of course, I do not laugh at the recent efforts of a few faithful brothers and sisters from Germany who are trying in an honest, courteous and patient way to put an end to these Jesuit marionette leaders. But isn't it possible for a worldwide church president to intervene sometimes? Do we have to go through the tiresome and time consuming proper channels when open rebellion exists? What I am missing in all the many and certainly reasonable and legitimate writings of my faithful brethren from Germany to "Jester and Prankster" is the realization that it is not just Germany where a lot is going wrong. Again and again I read about the "intolerable situation, especially in Germany" and that implies that indeed the situation would be different in the world church. Please, dear honorable brothers and sisters, this is denial of the fact that the entire church ship from top to bottom was stained and filthy since 1914, sailing in muddy waters, diverted from its course!

Here in South America, we have just launched a campaign with DVDs and distribution of "SDA Church writings", in which the Sabbath is referred to as an "institution for physical recovery", as the "right of the worker" and as "Family Day". On the enclosed DVD we can see—and I first could not believe what I saw—that it was not a pope who had changed the day of the Lord to Sunday, but the early Christians that wanted to differ from the Jews. The Roman Church would never have been responsible for all of this! The whole DVD—labeled as an Adventist production of the South American division—repeats verbatim complete sections of the 1998 papal encyclical of John Paul II "Dies Domini" written by Ratzinger (or today Benedict XVI). Do you still believe, dear brothers and sisters from Germany, that Rome is pulling the strings of only your leaders?

I do not want to falsely attribute anything to President Ted Wilson who so far appears to me very honorable. But wouldn't it be high time to inform himself of what is going on in other parts of his world church? It is beyond my knowledge whether or not Ted Wilson speaks foreign languages, but if he does, which would be a good idea for a world church president, I would be surprised that all these disagreeable incidents would have happened publicly and unsanctioned while it is his "program" to lead the church to "revival and reformation". Then come on, dear brother Ted Wilson, and act quickly, because the clock of God is ticking and the stars of Orion are rightly known as fixed stars, and they won't shift significantly until the clock hand has reached 2012/2013 and God Himself will take the "revival and reformation" of the church into His own hands, sending for the second time a "ruler of Babylon", to bring the church to repentance under persecution and tribulation "in hard times."

My opening remark for this new series of articles was that I am aware of how many terrible attacks the SDA churches have to face, and I would not like to be in the shoes of Ted Wilson! He certainly has to venture on a difficult task and has very little time left for it. The church is being destroyed from the outside through the ecumenical movement and the pressure of society, but much more from the inside by the ever-growing amount of false doctrines. These teachings are the snakes and scorpions lurking to attack each member and take eternal life away from them through their poison. The fact that the floodgates have been opened for these creatures and they have been received with such uninhibited entry into the church, is the fault of the church and its members themselves, who still do not understand how to correctly interpret the parable of the tares and the wheat. I hope that this at least was sufficiently explained in other articles.

In the articles of this series, which I would like to call "Shadows of the Future," I want to give the church a survival kit with anti-venom for different snakes. If we know what species of snakes threaten us, it is often quite easy to keep the right first-aid kid handy with the proper anti-venom for the area. In my country, such kits exist officially, though I never could get one in a medical center. But a corresponding kit is not yet available for the snakes that threaten our church. Although the snake species have been known by their potent toxins for years, the church has failed through negligence to develop anti-venoms against these poisons, so we have no known serum to rely on. That neglect has fatal consequences now, as these snakes are multiplying like vampires. The one who is bitten turns to a snake himself and bites another church member. So the disease spreads exponentially, as the serpent plague once did in the camp of the Israelites during the time of Moses.

It is not just one snake species that threatens the church, but several. Vampires only come at night and they can be deterred by garlic, so goes the legend at least. The bitten descendants of these church vampires, however, come in broad daylight or at any time day or night, and are immune to garlic, crosses and silver arrows. They can not be distinguished from church members that have not been bitten. This makes them more dangerous! Only those with the anti-venom, those who have inoculated themselves, are able to distinguish the vampire brethren and protect themselves against them.

What I would like to say with this may be a bit of a rough comparison—that the church has failed to react on certain attacks from inside and outside by intense study which would have enabled it to respond to doctrinal arguments, which are diametrically opposed to Adventist doctrine and to train and prepare its members. Instead of studying how to combat the attacks and their related doctrines with the light that we once received and to gain new light, we have only studied intensively how far we can come closer to the other churches without becoming vampires. This was playing with fire and our fingers got burned badly. It opened the doors to ecumenical vampires and many formerly healthy members have been bitten.

It should have been the responsibility of the BRI (Biblical Research Institute) to study the things that I am now presenting to you so that the church could survive. They should have erected a cross like Moses denouncing the snakes that intend to kill our church. But the BRI, which unfortunately was mentioned and praised by Ted Wilson as the only authority that could study the Bible correctly, is led by the American counterpart of Jester and Prankster who have nothing better to do than to publish an article that says that we should hold back from studying prophecy, that it would be a new abominable addiction among us Adventists to interpret Daniel and Revelation in a way that the events and characters described there would "identify prominent political and religious leaders as specific fulfillments of prophecy" (Obama and Benedict XVI). In other words, the "president" of the BRI, Angel Manuel Rodriguez, says that we should not expect Jesus for a long time, because nothing is in sight and he wants to advise us even not to ponder over it. He accuses the prophecy students that "the present time of relative peace and waiting is disturbing to them, leading them to reinterpret apocalyptic prophecy along futurist lines" and refers to the study of prophecy as an "obsession with prophetic speculation." Is this not clearly the voice of the serpent in his article Problems with the Adventist Futurism from April 2010? When will Ted Wilson fumigate this snake pit?

Because the BRI neglected its real duties and is on the wrong side, we can now find in the  church a large number of various heresies advocated by many members, which have never been officially declared by the church as heresies, nor that there would exist any official counter-arguments on a biblical basis against these false teachings. This opens the floodgates for the distribution of certain heresies within the church. You just can not imagine what goes on in the church forums in U.S. and other countries. Members that uphold the teachings of Ellen White, are blocked, excluded and their membership is cancelled, while clearly ecumenical and Jesuit-inspired elements are present in all the discussion topics; they are the main speakers, and they massacre in a dialectically trained manner everything that is even remotely conservative Adventism without receiving any complaints by the forum administration.

There are youth groups which are encouraged when they ask if we should not simply abolish "1844" because that "rubbish" nobody could hear or believe anymore; while others who discovered additional symbolism in the sanctuary services of the Old Testament and want to talk to the brethren about this, are dismissed as cranks and idiots. If the one who is attacked like this gets annoyed, and expresses in a polite form his irritation, he is immediately declared a fanatic and his profile would disappear from one minute to the next. These forums, which are an exact mirror image of what is really taking place in church life are a horror, and to name the infected brethren just "vampires", is actually much too polite, because their bite even leads to the second eternal death. The correct term should be "fratricide", a person who kills his own brother. I have some readers who say that my way to express was "too sharp or strong" and that I should "calm down". Please say that also to Jeremiah or Ezekiel, if you would have the opportunity to meet them in the kingdom of God!

Therefore, this series about the "Shadows of the Future" is not for those brethren who only want to read about the "sweet love of Jesus" or follow Angel Rodriguez to perdition; who in his book "Spanning the Abyss" speculates so "beautifully" about how the spirit of Jesus in the grave was waiting to give the body of Jesus another time life, and support such theological speculation, which sounds more like spiritualism, and is also taught in Sabbath school. I recommend that these brothers and sisters immediately go to another web site. Maybe you should download instead a new CD of Benedict XVI., who sings to you with his lovely Saint Grandfather's voice a lullaby (of death), or get yourself the beautiful DVD of your South American Division, which tells you with how much "sweet love", "Jesus" your Lord provided that you may go your own ways on Sabbath, and that the Pope followed only the first Christians and never changed the day, but accepted it only at the request of the first Christians led by the apostles. I could go on and on writing about what is going wrong everywhere in church. The conquest by the Jesuits has already taken place and will not take place in the future. Ted Wilson, I do not envy you for the difficult task that you have been entrusted by Jesus!

Do you want to know what is going on in the world? Get a subscription and log in to, then you will know where the world stands and that everything that Ellen White wrote about the U.S., now - in this minute - is coming true. Anyone who still does not believe that we are on the verge of the end of history, is a blind fool. And your pastor? Does he inform you? Do you hear sermons or warnings about the fact that thousands of children are dying now because of the flu vaccination? Worldwide? That children and mothers carry brain damage because they were vaccinated? Do you know the background? Do you know why this is happening now? Does it interest you at all? If so, then get the DVD "End Game" by Alex Jones on the mentioned website. It's worth it! A light will dawn on you. Everything fits perfectly together with the Adventist eschatology, which you should certainly not study if you would follow Ted Wilson's - for me incomprehensible - recommendation to believe only what you get prescribed by Angel Rodriguez from the BRI, otherwise you would be "obsessed".

Last year, when I wrote to all pastors that I know in South America and informed and asked them to warn their parishioners not to get vaccinated against H1N1, I did not receive one single reaction from at least one single pastor. It was simply hushed up. I did not even get a polite negative response by the motto - "Thank you, dear brother, for the nonsense that you have sent me." Courtesy among brethren is "out"! If our pastors have the directive by Jesus to save lives, they have also the obligation to watch whether prophecy is fulfilling, and to warn the church members. Or am I the only lunatic in a totally perfect world where everything is OK or am I a "man obsessed with prophetic speculation" when three million North Americans are hearing every day that in the U.S. they soon will begin a dictatorship and military laws with a total subjugation of the American people if they would not vehemently protest against this and that this would lead to a complete dissolution of the religious freedom not only there but world wide? Isn't this exactly what Ellen White wrote a hundred times?

What does Angel M. Rodriguez want to prevent that we see? Today, we know that the vaccine - and not only this - was forbidden in many countries because there was evidence that it caused brain damage, stillbirths, abortions and was poisoned. Ellen White told us that before the Sunday laws would come, many children and old people would be laid to rest. This is happening right before our eyes. Our drinking water is poisoned, our food too. We are lobotomized by fluorine and lithium doses in our daily dental care and nutrition to become mindless robots. Only those who followed Ellen White's instructions to move to the country side, are escaping these fatal influences of the cities that are already controlled by the New World Order. We are delivered to a gang of truly obsessed murderers who want to eugenize (kill) 90 percent of the human race and the dear grandfather in the Vatican is their boss and his head is the prince of all evil. Do your pastors talk about these things?

And what do you think of the now permanently red-clad Pope? Do you understand that in his occult world the color red is the color of absolute power? Have you noticed that he now "writes history"? The man, who was once called the "Rottweiler" of God, on his recent visit to England was not only the first pope who could speak with a golden fish's mouth hat in red ornament in Westminster Hall, no, he has now also mutated to the "Holy Grandfather". And have you noticed that he is now wearing the pallium publicly in all countries? Did you understand that the metropolitans are only allowed to wear the pallium in their territory and that this is limited to political events? Do you see finally see what the Pope clearly expresses by wearing the pallium in Westminster Hall in London? At Focus (German) you can read:

More than by the speech, many a commentator was impressed for the first occurrence of a Pope at Westminster Hall. "This was the end of the British Empire," commented the respected liberal-left Guardian. "For four centuries England has been defined as a Protestant nation. Rebellion against the Pope was the founding act of the English power", says the journal.

Please note the many alluded Yin-Yang symbols on the red cape with the points ... Satan wants to rule for "infinite" time....

Now is happening exactly what I told you in the articles of the "Behind Enemy Lines" series ... The seizure of power has already taken place! The signet of the Pauline Year was the announcement and the Pope has since long taken the scepter of power for him. You just did not notice it, dear brothers and sisters, because you are only focused on the Sunday laws. Now, it is only a matter of time before the Sunday laws and the prosecution are real, and even that Jesus has not left in darkness, but wrote it clearly in the Bible, in Orion and in the shadowy Sabbaths. We just need to make the effort to dig very deep and exert our gray brain cells. But also that is not enough. If our lives would not be sanctified and therefore we would not receive the help of the Holy Spirit in our studies, it would be impossible for us to find all this new light.

But do you really want to know all this? Are we really still a church that looks out for the soon coming of Christ? Can we still call ourselves rightly "Adventists", as the name implies that we would have a sure expectation that the coming of Christ is near? Most of you make me doubt this.

The Shadow Series

When I started to study the "Shadows of the Future", I had again no idea where the Holy Spirit would guide me. He just lead me and I followed Him. It all started when a reader of my articles on August 9, 2010, sent me a personal study and asked me for my opinion of it. The brother's name is Kay Wolfe and he is currently active in several forums and tries to make known his study. I will explain and quote parts of this exciting study, at least those which I could understand to be correct. Other parts I will improve and put in their proper context. His study brought me on the track, but it includes terrible mistakes and unfortunately he comes again to the false conclusion that the church would be irretrievably lost as Babylon. Nevertheless, I would like to attest to this brother that his study contains several correct approaches and thank him for he really helped me to start the shadow studies. "Keep the good things..."

But this will be later on the focus of the third part of the shadow studies which will show and prove the first time very clearly what the true interpretation of the many lunar Sabbaths is, that are undoubtedly mentioned in the Bible. Many have long expected an official statement of the BRI to the moon Sabbaths, which is not available so far because the true interpretation must be unknown to the BRI because it thinks that studying the prophecies is "obsession". The realization of the true interpretation is the wonderful cure for the brethren who are infected with the false doctrine of the lunar Sabbaths. This serum will have extreme healing powers, as it will affirm the glorious hope of the coming of our Lord in a clear manner by the sanctuary service based on the shadowy Sabbaths of Colossians 2:16-17, and even specify the precise time of His coming on the day. Those, who are reading my articles just to find out exactly when Jesus will come, will now be completely satisfied. But I hereby would like to stress once again clearly that this was not the purpose of my studies. I studied the Jewish feasts, because I wanted to find out what it is really about with the moon Sabbaths and because Ellen White asked us to do this, what probably only a few know ...

The time of test is just upon us, for the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ, the sin-pardoning Redeemer. This is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth. For it is the work of every one to whom the message of warning has come, to lift up Jesus, to present Him to the world as revealed in types, as shadowed in symbols, ...” [1SM 362.4]

Through the posterity of faithful Abraham, of the line of Shem, a knowledge of Jehovah's beneficent designs was to be preserved for the benefit of future generations. From time to time divinely appointed messengers of truth were to be raised up to call attention to the meaning of the sacrificial ceremonies, and especially to the promise of Jehovah concerning the advent of the One toward whom all the ordinances of the sacrificial system pointed. Thus the world was to be kept from universal apostasy. “ [PK 687.1]

The significance of the Jewish economy is not yet fully comprehended. Truths vast and profound are shadowed forth in its rites and symbols. The gospel is the key that unlocks its mysteries. Through a knowledge of the plan of redemption, its truths are opened to the understanding. Far more than we do, it is our privilege to understand these wonderful themes. We are to comprehend the deep things of God. Angels desire to look into the truths that are revealed to the people who with contrite hearts are searching the word of God, and praying for greater lengths and breadths and depths and heights of the knowledge which He alone can give.” [COL 133.1]

We do not half understand the Lord's plan in taking the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage, and leading them through the wilderness into Canaan. As we gather up the divine rays shining from the gospel, we shall have a clearer insight into the Jewish economy, and a deeper appreciation of its important truths. Our exploration of truth is yet incomplete. We have gathered up only a few rays of light. Those who are not daily students of the Word will not solve the problems of the Jewish economy. They will not understand the truths taught by the Temple service. The work of God is hindered by a worldly understanding of His great plan. [Letter 156, 1903, pp. 2, 3. (To P. T. Magan, July 27, 1903.) {3MR 259.1}]

Around the sanctuary and its solemn services mystically gathered the grand truths which were to be developed through succeeding generations. [FLB 194.2]

I experienced how true and important all these allegations are, when I received several bundles of rays that the Lord sent to me in this wonderful study. You can be sure that this series and especially the third and final part will represent the culmination of all previous studies. But the foundation is laid before in the other parts of the shadow series, without which a comprehension of the last part would be impossible. But even there, you will find many new "jewels" that our Lord has shown me so I can give it to you.

Some of the lunar Sabbath keepers had asked me several times via e-mail and forums to study the feasts and "to change the Orion Clock" because the Jewish feasts have to be fulfilled. They even had some right to do so. But I did not have to change the Orion Clock, not even one millimeter. On the contrary, these very different studies confirm each other in a wonderful way. And that I finally followed their request, ends in a spiritual disaster for those of the moon Sabbath keepers who want to lure their brethren willingly into a trap, for the truth is much more beautiful than we could imagine, and crushes the lunar Sabbath theory to dust. I had no idea what a great harmony would shine from the throne of God in this study. We will never understand better why the woman from Revelation 12 is standing on the moon.

Soon after I already had received a vague idea about the true meaning of the biblical lunar Sabbaths, which are confirming the creation Sabbath that we as SDA churches are keeping absolutely, correctly every Saturday, every seven days, the Lord showed me another truth. Even in my youth I had always wondered what the meaning of the many counts for the victims in the ceremonial service of the Mosaic sanctuary was. Why 2 rams, 7 lambs? Why 3 tenth deals of flour for each of the 13 bullocks? Who actually asked these questions at the annual reading of the Bible starting with the books of Moses and dug deeper? Does this really mean anything and if, is this for us today at all important? Are these not just boring numbers? I will follow up all these questions in the second part of the "shadow study", but one hint before: it has a meaning and it is the solution to a question that a lot of Adventists asked since many years, "How long exactly will last the time of the plagues?"

I have learned from brethren about a German leader who questions the Orion study and refuses it because he preaches in his home groups for decades that the time of plagues will only last 14 days. Although this can be clearly refuted already by other biblical references and no serious student of prophecy can see such a short time of plagues, the study of the offerings and the many numbers that appear, at first sight, confusing, show that this leader is wrong and again is just another member spreading a false personal teaching sanctioned through silence by the German leadership, while the truth is rejected in concert. But this study will also show that our sanctuary doctrine truly is right and perfect, as our Lord is perfect, and that the conclusions we can draw from the study of the shadow services - if we are willing to study deep enough - reach up to the last day of this world's history and tell us exactly how long the time of plagues on very day will last. I just wonder again: Why was all this not already previously discovered in the 166 years of existence of our church?

In the following first part of the study of the "Shadows of the Future" I will answer an open letter, written to the SDA church(es). This letter has caused that not only many members, but even some pastors and leaders who were firmly rooted in Adventism, to begin to doubt our teachings. This letter is just the tip of an iceberg that awaits us and if we can not resist this attack, Adventism will cease to exist. The authors of the open letter make it clear that if we have no explanation for how it may be that the Passover in April 31 AD astronomically fell on a Wednesday, rather than the Friday taught by us, Adventism would be a goner and we as a church should resign right now.

For me, the solution of the problem cost a lot of sleepless nights.  Many prayers to the Lord showed me the wonderful harmonious truth, and that again, only one church has the truth about the exact sequence of the last events of Jesus' life here on earth, namely, our Adventist church even if it was once again not studied deeply enough. This first part of the shadow study will show that the prophecy of 70 weeks was really perfectly fulfilled, how it was possible that Jesus was crucified in 31 AD in fact on a particular Friday, rested at a real Seventh-day Sabbath in the tomb and how this can be proven even at the basis of astronomy and the Bible. Ultimately, the solution to this problem, which many believe to be the end of Adventism, will even come from the very lips of Jesus Himself and might embarrass some who have written many pages on this subject in our existing SDA Bible commentary since the 1950's, without recognizing the wonderful solution of the problem. And finally, this first part of the study of the shadowy services of the sanctuary of Moses, will refute one of the main arguments of the moon Sabbath keepers that says that we as Adventist church would need the moon Sabbath to withstand the attack of other churches against our doctrines. And the knowledge of the exact date of Christ's death is the key for all further studies of the Jewish feasts.

Thus, another important hint that I want to point out in this introduction, is that the findings from the first and second part of these studies, are the basis for the third part in which Christ Himself will once more explain exactly what happened in church since 1844, how He estimates this, what the tasks of the current and the next few years for Ted Wilson are, when the door of grace for the church and a little later for the whole world will close and ... when our Lord will appear in the clouds, and exactly which true Seventh-day Sabbath we will celebrate with Him on the voyage to Orion. He who still believes that the Orion cannot be found in the Bible and taught against these studies, will have to digest a terrible realization, namely that he was fundamentally mistaken. But those who have studied Orion with me will be richly rewarded, and discover through the study of the Shadow feasts even a new line in Orion, when Jesus shed a wonderful new light on the Adventist people during their journey to heaven. Thus Orion will receive its perfect and logical completion and will once again firmly cement all pillars of Adventist faith.

Those, who are starting now to form the 144,000 will welcome with cheers all new light directly from the throne of God, from the sanctuary and clearly see how the Good Pastor guides now His people in these last few years of our pilgrimage on earth into the heavenly Canaan.

It is a pleasure for me to present you the first part of the shadow studies that I called Full Moon at Gethsemane.

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