The Last Countdown

My Dream was released months ago on my homepage, but I’ve never received any questions about it. Either it was ignored or, more likely, it was considered unimportant or confusing. This reflects the fallen state of our Adventist Church, which is simply not interested in such things.

Many overlook the fact that my predecessor, William Miller, also had one very important dream, and it was even endorsed by Ellen G. White in “Early Writings.” No doubt he had other inspirations and dreams, but only this one ended up in the writings of the Adventist Church. It basically said that a second “Miller” would come who would put William Miller’s old light back into its proper place, when it would shine ten times brighter. The midnight cry would be repeated and the precious stones that Miller had found would be restored. This is now fulfilled with the studies of Orion and the Shadow Series. The findings of William Miller and Samuel Snow have been confirmed by astronomical calculations, and more important things were discovered in the process. For example, Miller had correctly identified AD 31 as the year that our Lord Jesus died, but because Snow was relying on a table that contained an error, the exact date was not discovered at that time. Even when the enemy challenged Adventism on that topic, it wasn’t the Ph.D. theologians at the BRI who sat down to solve the problem, but the “redneck” farmer John Scotram. He calculated astronomically which Friday Jesus really died in AD 31, and the “solution” taught us “accidentally” how God’s calendar actually works.

This knowledge, which has been newly rediscovered after millennia, revealing precisely how God’s calendar works, eventually led to the deciphering of the prophecy in the feast days using the High Sabbaths, which gave a detailed list of the spiritual milestones in our Adventist history. The Orion Clock and the The Vessel of Time (as I titled the High Sabbath List) are both guides for the people called out of Babylon by the loud cry. They are being called into the “vessel,” which serves as the container for truth since 1841 and 1844, respectively. Those who refused to accept these messages left the vessel long ago on their own, just as Ellen G. White said they would, but her prophecy was never properly understood.

Cooperation with the Holy Spirit

A few weeks before my dream, the Holy Spirit began to give me special inspiration during my sermons in my small church in Paraguay, which made me marvel. For years, I was familiar with the phenomenon of inspiration, but it increased noticeably in autumn 2011. As a small farmer, I have little time to prepare sermons in addition to my basic Sabbath school and Bible studies, so I am used to praying before preaching, that the Holy Spirit would give me the words to say. Besides that, I have no helpers here and our Sabbath services usually consist of just a sermon, three or four hours long. (And no one has ever complained about it, either!)

It is frequently the case that I ask questions in my sermons that I don’t know the answers to, myself, and then I expect the Holy Spirit to lead in the replies. This “technique” has always been very successful, and I learn a lot by listening to what the Holy Spirit wants to tell us. So, I became the voice of God for the congregation and myself. Often it would be years later that I discovered that the light that I had received was already known or even lost in Adventism. It also happened—and this is very remarkable—that sometimes “I” taught things that were later published in Sabbath school lessons or that great, respected Adventist theologians had taught before, but whose light had been suppressed by the apostate church leadership.

The Shining Faces

As I said, a few weeks before my dream, more light was being revealed. That light is now being made plain to the readers of this article. It is such a great light that it brought about what we were all waiting a long time for in our study group;

The living saints, 144,000 in number, knew and understood the voice, while the wicked thought it was thunder and an earthquake. When God spoke the time, He poured upon us the Holy Ghost, and our faces began to light up and shine with the glory of God, as Moses’ did when he came down from Mount Sinai. {EW 14.1}

We already investigated these weighty statements of Ellen G. White’s first vision in detail in the Orion study. Focusing on the beginning of the passage, we established that it speaks about the sealing by the Holy Spirit and the proclamation of the time. The last part in red hasn’t been treated in detail yet, but it does say something very important that did not come about with the Orion message.

It’s about “the glory of God” that is reflected on the faces of the 144,000. This clearly involves the light of the fourth angel of Revelation 18, who will make the earth shine with His glory, but what exactly is this light? Isn’t it the light of Minneapolis, which Jones and Waggoner brought, commonly referred to as “righteousness by faith”?

Ellen G. White, putting the light of Minneapolis in its proper scope, says that it was only the beginning of the light of the fourth angel:

Let every one who claims to believe that the Lord is soon coming, search the Scriptures as never before; for Satan is determined to try every device possible to keep souls in darkness, and blind the mind to the perils of the times in which we are living. Let every believer take up his Bible with earnest prayer, that he may be enlightened by the holy Spirit as to what is truth, that he may know more of God and of Jesus Christ whom he has sent. Search for the truth as for hidden treasures, and disappoint the enemy. The time of test is just upon us, for the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ, the sin-pardoning Redeemer. This is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth. For it is the work of every one to whom the message of warning has come, to lift up Jesus, to present him to the world as revealed in types, as shadowed in symbols, as manifested in the revelations of the prophets, as unveiled in the lessons given to his disciples and in the wonderful miracles wrought for the sons of men. Search the Scriptures; for they are they that testify of him. {1888 1073.7}

Looking at the faces of my Orion students, I wanted to see if our countenances would really shine like Moses’ face when he came down from Mount Sinai. There was a glow, but their faces were not shining yet. We studied the entire shadow message and the wonderful Vessel of Time in the “restaurant” of our private forum, and our faces glowed a little from the wonderful confirmation of the Orion studies and the many additional insights, but were we ready to let our faces shine for Jesus, like Moses was?

Did we really have all the light of the fourth angel, and did we receive the Holy Spirit to perform the work of leaders like Moses, to prepare a people to testify for God? I didn’t think so, so I prayed for more light for the group.

In early October, 2011, it was time. The light was given by the Holy Spirit here in Paraguay while I was using my trusty method of preaching “by the Spirit,” and I saw the countenances of my listeners light up and shine. Then I knew that this was the light that would give us the true motivation for our task to sound the loud cry.

Over three Sabbaths, the Holy Spirit expounded the light, and on October 22, 2011 (another Sabbath), I received my unusually complex dream. It confirmed this light in a very clear way. It identifies what the constituents of this light are, where they come from, and what God’s original plan was regarding how to give this light. When I published the dream, I was already aware of its importance to affirm and explain the light, so I called it:

The Message of the Fourth Angel

Now let’s walk together step-by-step through this dream, which was undoubtedly inspired by God: In the dream, I was brought back in time to the General Conference of Minneapolis, as if by time travel. The whole dream does not pertain to that time, but the beginning of the light of the fourth angel is the central theme around which the entire dream develops. This is not surprising, because Jesus is the basis for the entire fourth angel’s message, as we shall see. Again, there is only one foundation, namely, our Lord.

The Stage: Minneapolis 1888

In my dream, I see myself in a city that seems to be in a different time. I’m in a brisk, lively center of a small town, reminiscent of a time shortly before the arrival of electricity. I look down at myself and realize that I’m wearing strange clothes. They are all an antique brown color and the pants only go down to just below the knee, where they are bound together by a buckle. I wear black, finely polished leather shoes, like you cannot buy them anymore today. The leather is very thick and the shoes are of a homemade, craftwork quality. I have thick, wool socks on that scratch me a little. My upper garment resembles a tail coat and goes down under my buttocks. I realize that this is the normal clothing of many people around me, and I do not excite any attention in the crowd. I see gas lanterns everywhere on the square, and I am absolutely clear that I am in a short period before the introduction of electric lighting. The people around me all speak English and I notice that my mother tongue is English. (Everything that was said in my dream was in antiquated English, as it is no longer spoken, but I understood it.)

The hint that electricity was about to be introduced, fixes the time period. When I began to examine the dream, my first suspicion was that it could be Minneapolis, and that was confirmed by Internet research. On Wikipedia you can read the following remarkable facts on the page about the History of Minneapolis:

A streetcar system in the Minneapolis area took shape in 1875, when the Minneapolis Street Railway company began service with horse-drawn cars. Under the leadership of Thomas Lowry, the company merged with the St. Paul Railway Company and took the name Twin City Rapid Transit. By 1889, when electrification began, the system had grown to 115 miles (185 km).

Dear readers, I am not an historian and at the most, I knew that the introduction of electricity in the world began sometime around 1900. I was very surprised that the reference was so accurate in my dream. 1888 was the last year before the introduction of electricity in Minneapolis. This information could not have come from my subconscious mind and must have had a divine origin.

But it gets even better! In another report, you can read that the first hydroelectric power plant already existed in Minneapolis in 1882. Electrical energy was very controversial, and there was competition with the Minneapolis gas company. I had only seen gas lamps in my dream. Does this match 1888?

Electric power was controversial at the time in Minneapolis and the nation because people feared that the wires carrying the power would catch fire, as some had in other cities. Most homes and businesses were lit by gas light in the 1880s, and the Minneapolis Gas Light Company had exclusive rights from the city to light Minneapolis’s streets.

Although in 1883 a few electric street lamps were already in place for demonstration purposes, the streets of Minneapolis were not fully lit using electricity until 1924. Here are two pictures of the building where the General Conference was held in 1888:

GC Session 1888Church 1888

The picture on the right shows the first SDA church in Minneapolis at a later time, when there were electric street lights (there is also a car parked in front of the church, which must have been after 1900). The left image, on the other hand, is a photo of the GC session in 1888. There is no electric light in front of the church.

Please also note the clothing of the people in the picture: the long coats of the men and the knickerbockers of the children are similar to the very thing I saw myself wearing.

There is no question that English is the spoken language in Minneapolis. The dream clearly shows me as being “from this generation” and rooted in this General Conference of 1888, thus setting the stage for the rest of the dream.

The Hamburger Vendor

Then I feel a little hungry. I decide to visit one of the many food booths that are here in the town center. The booths are all built of rather coarse wood and are very primitive. Then my eye catches one that carries a large wooden sign over the booth. The inscription reads, “Hamburger.” I realize now that this does not belong to the era in which I see myself translated to, but I am getting closer to the snack stand. Behind a wooden display table, which reaches up to the seller’s and my belly height, I see a man of strange appearance. He is different than the people around me, who are of Caucasian origin like me, almost without exception. At first sight, he makes no trustworthy impression. But this impression changes later when he serves me. He has a very dark skin color, almost black, yet he has no traits of a black man, but reminds me more of an Arab. His hair is curly and raven-black and falls in waves down to just below his shoulder level. I remember his face only vaguely.

When we were analyzing the dream, several didn’t understand what I meant by “Caucasian origin.” This term simply means “belonging to the white race.”

My first impression of the seller at the hamburger stand was slightly negative because he looked very strange, but that changed during the course of the dream. From the description of the person, it is clear that it must be Jesus Himself. Jesus was a Jew, so He was a member of the Arab race. His hair probably was very dark or black and He is generally pictured with long hair. This doesn’t mean that Jesus had long hair, but in the dream, He wanted to make it clear that it was Him, and we would not have recognized Him if He had appeared with short hair. The man’s appearance was unique in my dream, and an Arab in Minneapolis around 1888 would also have been something very unusual.

The Hamburger Message

Now the “Cook,” i.e. Creator—Jesus—prepares a very special “hamburger” for me:

He takes my order of a hamburger and then starts with the preparation, which goes completely differently than I expected. First, he takes a huge, round hamburger bun, which has a diameter of at least 12 inches, and he divides it into two halves without using a knife. The “cuts” look absolutely clean as if cut with a knife. I cannot explain how he did this “trick.” When he puts the two halves down on the big counter made of light-colored wood, their respective outer side is down, and I see that the two halves have different shapes. The upper half of the hamburger bread is thinner, and its cross section resembles a crescent moon (it is concave), while the bottom half is deeper and resembles a bowl.

First, notice that I placed the order myself. This symbolizes my continual prayers for more light ever since I was baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist. I wanted to eat the bread of God in all its depth. The first light that I received was very different than I expected. And so it was to the many Adventists who later read the Orion publications. No one had expected a combination of Bible and astronomy—like the wise men from the East used to predict the first coming of Jesus—although the type is accurate.

What follows is the “preparation” of the Orion message by Jesus, the Creator of the constellation and the entire universe. Jesus divides the hamburger bun into two parts, each 12 inches. This can be interpreted as a numerical picture:

Jesus (7) separates the Hamburger bun into two parts (2) of 12 inches = 7 ×× 12 = 168.

This was the “Orion formula” that was already shown by Jesus in Daniel 12, as I have explained in the Orion presentation.

He does not use a knife. He did the “trick” simply by His Word, because He is the Creator!

The two halves are reminiscent of the moon (crescent) and the sun (if you imagine the second half completed). This is already an indication that the message of Orion with its seven fixed stars would be reflected in the feast days of the earthly sanctuary, which are based on the lunisolar calendar (see The Vessel of Time).

After that, the man places two large bowls on the table, both of which correspond roughly to the size of the bowl-shaped base of the hamburger bread. In one bowl, I see a red sauce that makes me a little scared. The bowl is filled to the brim with this sauce and almost threatens to overflow. Somehow I know that this is no ordinary tomato sauce, but blood. But I do not stop the man—I know that I must accept this hamburger. In the other bowl, there are two large tomatoes, many lettuce leaves, and some green stuff, which I cannot remember in detail. But I know they are all vegetarian ingredients.

I intuitively know in the dream that I must eat this burger, just as John (in Revelation 10:9-10) and Ezekiel (in Ezekiel 3:1-3) were told to eat the scrolls. This means that I would have to study this message, understand it, and share it.

Since Jesus is the Chef, it is also His blood that holds the “hamburger” together. It is the river of Daniel 12, where Jesus stood when He made the oath (see Orion slides 64-74). It is the new covenant—His blood, which can be seen flowing from His wounds in Orion (slides 173-175)—and it is the fiery stream in the Orion constellation (slide 165).

The fact that all the ingredients are vegetarian (except the symbolic blood of Jesus) points to the health message, included in Orion (slides 139-142).

With lightning-fast speed, the man masterfully divides the two tomatoes into four tomato halves, again using only his hands and without a knife, and drapes them in the bottom half of the hamburger bread so that some space is spared in the midst. Then, like a whirlwind, the man takes the lettuce leaves one-by-one from the bowl and places them one after the other around the tomato halves into the lower part of the Hamburger bread, so that a circle of 24 lettuce leaves is formed. The only opening that is left is in the middle of the tomato halves. It all looks very decorative.

Right before my eyes, the Orion constellation is constructed by Jesus, as I later deciphered through the throne room vision in Revelation 4.

The four tomato halves correspond to the four living creatures in the throne room; the shoulder and foot stars of Orion (slide 27).

The lettuce leaves give the number of the 24 elders, who are arranged in a circle around the four living creatures (slide 39) as in the “hamburger.”

The opening that was left between the four tomato halves must represent the center of the Orion constellation, which is filled according to the following paragraph:

Then I notice that the man has a meat grill under the sales counter. It is a hot plate, on which I can see only one large steak of first grade beef. Skillfully, he flips it and it’s ready. He puts the piece of meat in the middle of the upper half of the hamburger bread, and now I realize what the space between the tomato halves was intended for. When combining the top half of the hamburger bread with the bottom half, the piece of meat would fit exactly between the four tomato halves. The man tells me that only the red sauce can hold both bread halves together, and that we need the whole bowl of sauce to do it. I watch as the man fills the bottom half of the hamburger bread with the sauce and the whole bowl fits in. I no longer can see the lettuce leaves and tomato halves and the man assembles the giant hamburger fitting the upper half with the piece of meat into the space of the lower part. He hands the hamburger to me and I wonder what it costs. The man says, “If you like it, it costs nothing.”

Jesus became flesh; He is the incarnate Son of God, and He gave His blood for us. His body is represented by the large piece of grade-A prime beef. The sacrificial animals that pointed to Jesus were not allowed to have any defects. All this is symbolized in the Orion constellation. He gave Himself to heal the universe (the joined halves of the hamburger). We have to accept His blood in order for sin to be removed from the universe.

At the center of the Orion constellation is the throne of Jesus. He is Alnitak, “the wounded One” (slides 40-46). The “piece of meat” in the exact center of the hamburger marks that place.

We all know that we are saved by grace, and this grace costs nothing except the willingness to accept Jesus, the gift of God. Likewise, I was given the hamburger with the words: “If it tastes good, it costs nothing.” In a figurative sense, it is also a gift to be among the 144,000 who will not taste death, but you have to accept this special hamburger by eating the Orion message.

Two Plans

I eat the hamburger and notice a strong taste like raw meat. I wonder that I eat it because I’m vegetarian, as a Seventh-day Adventist. While I eat the hamburger, my mind is enlightened. I understand at once, the meaning of the symbolism perfectly clearly, and that it is about “righteousness by faith,” which has two parts. One part has Jesus, and the other bigger part has us as His church. (The meat in the top half of the hamburger represents His body, while the vegetarian part in the bottom half represents the Adventist health message.) It is clearly about the fourth angel’s message, which I received in the last two weeks in two parts. After eating the hamburger, I understand at once, perfectly clearly that I have experienced something special and that now is the time that I should be shown more.

By eating (studying) the Orion message, I realized that the top and bottom of the hamburger has an even more significant meaning. As we will learn during the course of the dream, Jesus explains to us exactly how the different parts of the light of the fourth angel fit together. The beginning of the light of the fourth angel started in Minneapolis (where I found myself in the dream) with the doctrine of righteousness by faith taught by Elders Jones and Waggoner, which was eventually rejected by the Church. It was mostly about us fulfilling our part in the plan of salvation by perfect obedience to the commandments. That is why the errors of the Church are recorded in the Orion constellation, showing where God’s people departed from His plan.

In the two weeks before the dream, by the Holy Spirit, I had already been preaching the other two parts of the fourth angel’s message to my small congregation. These other two parts are given in more detail later in the course of the dream, so I will address them then. It is important, however, to understand that this part of the dream clearly expresses that not everything was done at the cross, but that we as God’s church must fulfill a very important role, remaining in the plan of salvation.

We must learn to distinguish between the two plans of God... the plan of redemption for mankind, which was accomplished by Jesus alone—we could not accomplish it, because no man can die for the sins of another, since he is not God—and the plan of salvation for the universe, which must be accomplished by us and cannot be accomplished by Jesus, because He is God. The next part of this series will shed clear light on this. These two plans of God are represented by the two parts of the hamburger. One portion was bigger than the other, and we will find that in the Bible too.

My Shining Friend

I sat down to eat at a table facing the snack bar in the open air. Then I see a man approaching, who is of Caucasian origin, and like me, he has only a little hair left on his head, although he is not yet very old. I think he’s about 35 or 40 years old. He comes to my table and I see that he looks very, very sad. I feel sympathy and a friendly affection towards him, although I do not know him yet. He comes closer and sits naturally at my table without a question. I ask him why he is so sad, and he tells me that he has problems with his spiritual life. He has sought his entire life for Jesus but could never find the complete truth. That made him so unhappy that he could not even find any comfort within his family anymore, and he did not understand the meaning of his life. Immediately I realize that this man needs the message that I have just received. I explain to him “righteousness by faith” and that it isn’t true that at the cross, everything was finished. While I explain this to him with the illustration of the hamburger, emphasizing how great the task is for every individual in the church of God, I see his face beginning to shine. Both of his eyes shine, and I see that he is happy now. We embrace and make an appointment for him to come next Sabbath to my church for worship. I know that he is not an Adventist, but he thinks like one and wants to live like one.

The period of study (eating) points to our “restaurant”—our private forum, where we withdrew to study since August 2011, so as not to go against the ban on the time setting then still in effect. We did not want to bring attention to many things like the exact day of Jesus’ return by discussing those subjects publicly before receiving the authority to do so from God the Father.

One of my friends, Gerhard Traweger, has been in our “restaurant” since its inception. He came from the New Apostolic Church and accepted the Orion message with a joyous heart in December 2010 and has continued to do a great work in his Church with his own website called My Divine Advocate. He is our “apostle Paul,” if you will, for God’s faithful, who are still in the Babylonian churches. His website promotes mainly Adventist doctrines such as the Sabbath, but it is addressed specifically to non-Adventists from the Protestant ranks.

At the time of the dream, we were only friends, and did not know each other personally. The above dream passage describes how we got to know each other in December 2010 through my website, and how we had long and detailed correspondence studies until everything was settled in his mind. But as I mentioned earlier, the wonderful message of Orion, and even the High Sabbath List, did not light up our faces like Ellen G. White described. The first part (righteousness by faith in Jesus) of the three-part fourth angel’s message didn’t even have that effect, but when I gave him the last two parts, then his face began to shine like Moses’ when he came down from Mount Sinai.

I immediately told him by e-mail about the light that the Holy Spirit had given me over the last two weeks before the dream, and he was really excited about it. Shortly after I had the dream, he was the one who found Chapter 21 of M.L. Andreasen’s book, “The Sanctuary Service”. It became clear to us that the first addition to the light of the fourth angel was exactly that same light. It is what M.L. Andreasen taught—namely, the “Last Generation Theology.”

I was not aware that my thoughts followed in the footsteps of such a great theologian, but that’s how the Holy Spirit works; He guides us into all truth. Read the important chapter HERE if you are not familiar with this light.

Yet even this part of the fourth angel’s message did not cause Gerhard’s face to light up. It was only when he learned the next part—the consequences for the universe and God if the 144,000 fail—that he completely understood the real meaning of our “high calling” as part of the 144,000, and his face shone. My brother, Robert will explain this in the next article. Gerhard was one of the first of the 144,000 to be sealed with that message, and thus took his place in the Adventist church without having been previously baptized in the Advent faith. A true Adventist is characterized by his faith and how he lives, not by a baptismal certificate from a local church.

Jesus expressed it this way:

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. (Matthew 12:50)

Condensed Milk

On the next Sabbath, I see myself standing in the foyer of a very large Adventist church. There are many people who talk in low voices. The men and women are all very well and respectably dressed. It is much quieter than in the Adventist congregations nowadays. I’m still in an era where there was no electricity. The hall is lit by gas lamps. Now I see my friend from the snack restaurant come to me. His face is not shining, and he looks very sad again. I want to console him. He says, “Doubts were rising in me about whether the message about our mission can really be true. From where do you get the assurance that this is all true?” I look at him lovingly and say, “The whole Sacred Scriptures and the writings of Ellen G. White are full of confirmations.” But he says, “I’ve read everything in these few days, but I cannot keep the wealth of information, it all seems to confuse me even more.” Then I smile because I understand him, and tell him in my old English dialect, “My friend, you have not yet understood that the Scripture is condensed milk. How do you feel when you drink a quart of milk?” He replies, “Good and satisfied.” I further ask, “How do you feel when you’ve drunk a quart of condensed milk?” He also smiles now and says, “Bad. I would probably throw up.” “Yes,” I say, “that’s what has happened to you. You wanted to drink in a few days, the amount of condensed milk that corresponds to one or two gallons of normal milk. This is too much. Sometimes, you have to take a break to digest.” I tell him again the symbolism of the hamburger and the importance of our task in the plan of salvation. His face now shines again.

Although I am still in the same surroundings, the dream seems to be portraying present events, because it shows precisely the situation between my friend Gerhard and I that happened a few days before the dream. Through conversations with acquaintances, Gerhard had come up with doubts about the new light. His acquaintances wanted to make it clear to him that everything had been done on the cross, and that the last generation theology which says there is a specific task for us to do for the vindication of the Father, is nonsense. They said it is unthinkable to assume that there is even a slight chance for the plan of salvation to fail. But it is exactly this assumption that leads to the third part of the light of the fourth angel.

We were almost all flooded with information like Gerhard. What the Holy Spirit gave to our ministry in the forum seemed inexhaustible, and it was hard to stay on the ball and “digest” everything that was served to us. In the short time between August and October 2011, more than 2000 posts were generated in the forum by only a few people. All that light could have been given publicly if the Church had been ready to accept it. How many souls are forever lost because of the refusal of the leadership to even study the light?

After some explanations, the shine was back on Gerhard’s face for good. The doubt had vanished, making way for his role as one of the leaders of our ministry. Gerhard had the right motivation for the loud cry, and fully recognized the importance of his high calling.

A First Reaction

While we were talking, I did not realize that other brothers and sisters in the foyer had become aware of us and heard our conversation. Suddenly I see myself surrounded by a fairly large group of brethren. Men and women almost rush on me. They are all so interested in the topic that I can hardly resist them. They push and knock me unintentionally to press everything out of me that I know. Although I’m pestered hard, I feel that this is a good thing. When I tell them everything, I see their faces lighting up also. All at once, they are full of joy! Many more beset me, but suddenly we hear a siren, and everyone must enter the “auditorium.” An important event begins.

This part of the dream was fulfilled shortly after I received the dream. Many of Gerhard’s acquaintances and friends witnessed the exchange of ideas between us, and our forum members were also introduced to this new light. Everyone who heard this message suddenly had a shining face. Only a few fell back into the darkness of the world because doubts crept in.

Now the scene changes to the auditorium, where the dream tells many important details about the light of the fourth angel.

The Auditorium

I say “auditorium” because, as I enter the hall of the Adventist church, I do not see myself in a normal church with wooden benches on a flat floor, but I am standing behind the back row of pews, which are arranged so that every next pew row is on a higher level than the one in front, like a lecture hall at a major university or a large conference hall of a convention center. I see all the pews filled, but no faces, since I stand behind everyone and am at the highest point of the room. Now I realize that my friend is standing to my left, and to his left is the director of this big congregation. The pews are curved and there are two banks of benches, which are separated in the middle by a staircase aisle that leads down to the podium. I know that the pews at the left are filled with Adventists, but when I look there, I see only darkness and cannot distinguish the bodies of the people. By contrast, I see the contours of the Adventists in the right bank pretty clearly.

In the forum, we later analyzed my dream for what the layout of the auditorium means:

The auditorium is an exact reproduction of the High Sabbath List, which is explained in the study, The Vessel of Time.

The benches, which rise toward the back, represent the triplet years in the High Sabbath List (HSL). The front row starts with the years 1841, 1842, 1843. The higher the row number, the farther we go forward in the flow of time in the HSL. At every pew, the clock jumps to the next triplet, until we reach the highest level behind the uppermost row of benches, where I was with my friend and the director. I stand with them in the time period of 2010, 2011, 2012. My dream came on October 22, 2011, which specifies my exact location in time.

Each level represents one triplet in the HSL, and the three years in each triplet are represented by the actions of three Adventists in certain pews.

Notice that the congregation is divided into two sides, just as the High Sabbath List has two columns for the spring and the autumn feast fulfillments. There is the “left” side where there is only darkness, and the “right” side that is “illuminated” better. The light and dark sides correspond in the HSL to the spring and fall feasts. The first spring feast is the Passover feast, which occurs during a bright full moon, whereas the autumn festivals begin with the Feast of Trumpets at night on a very dark new moon. God used this light-and-dark effect in the dream to represent the conservative and liberal Adventists. Later, the Liberal Left all exited the lecture hall and only the Conservative Right remained seated.

The 1888 General Conference ambience was still there. Jesus wants to show how important that year is, and how central the events of that session are.

The Podium

On the podium, a woman begins to speak. She gives a very important sermon that I do not understand in detail. But I know that she is talking about what I’ve found, that the big topic is “righteousness by faith,” and that this is the beginning of the light of the fourth angel. I am delighted as I see that many Adventists in the right pews begin to shine.

Located on the podium is Ellen G. White, as if she were speaking in the 1888 conference. Indeed, the 1888 materials are still read everywhere today. We already know that the light relates to the beginning of the entire fourth angel’s message, which began with the doctrine of justification by faith in 1888.

The Gainsayers

Suddenly, an Adventist in very black clothing wants to get up in the second row and I know it’s a “gainsayer” (opponent, interferer). (This word came to my mind so often in the dream that I want to emphasize it, leaving it even in the translations in its original form.) Then something happens which frightens me deeply. Suddenly, three Adventists in the church pew behind him pull out a pistol. I see that it is an antique pistol with only one shot. They hold the gun to the head of the gainsayer and shoot. When they pull the trigger, I do not hear a bang and see no fire or smoke. The head of the gainsayer, which I can only see from behind, falls to the right, and he is “dead.” I see no blood and no wounds. He just does not move anymore. The woman kept talking the whole time unimpressed, and I see how the Adventists in the right pew bank shine more and more.

The second row represents the second triplet of 1861, 1862, 1863, which shows the formation of the organized SDA church. At that time, there were already many Adventists who wanted to take a different course and rose up against the organization. They wanted to change the way of the Church, which was still under the influence of Ellen G. White’s counsel. In the period from 1861 to 1888 (the beginning of the next triplet) the Adventists were organizing and rejected the light of the fourth angel in 1888.

In the King James Version of the Bible, only one verse uses the word “gainsayer.” Because of the repeated mention of this term in the dream, let’s look at the following verses centering on the opponents, the “gainsayers”:

For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre; But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate; Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake. One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, the Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. (Titus 1:7-14)

It is the clear instruction of God to silence the opposing party (gainsayer) within the Church. God put this weapon in the hands of the bishops (Church overseers or elders), which is symbolized by the guns of the respective triplet years. In the next pew after a gainsayer, three guns are fired each time, and the associated gainsayer is silenced. Since these are spiritual weapons and doctrines, of course, you see no blood. A dead gainsayer is a false doctrine overcome by the three-year correction of the next period (the three Adventists with the three guns).

The gainsayer from the 1861, 1862 and 1863 years was silenced at the General Conference of 1888 and the following two years (the third triplet of years: 1888, 1889, 1890). Despite the fierce opposition of the beginning of the light of the fourth angel, there was still a good part in the Church who held up the light and recognized its holiness. The “Historic Adventists” among us know that I speak especially of them.

The gun triplet 1888 - 1890, the first part of the light of the fourth angel—righteousness by faith through Jesus Christ—was God’s antiserum against the poison of the gainsayer.

Then approximately in the middle of the rows, the same thing happens again. A gainsayer wants to get up and interrupt the woman and raise some stupid objections. Behind him, three Adventists aim their ancient guns at him and pull the trigger. No smoke, no bang, no fire, no wounds, but the head of the gainsayer falls on his right shoulder and he is silent.

The middle of the rows are the fourth (1915-1917) and fifth (1935-1937) triplet years. The fourth triplet years we identified in the Vessel of Time as the Jesuit gainsayers who wanted to take the helm of the Church vessel after Ellen G. White’s death in 1915. Their teachings had to be held in check so that the ship would not break apart prematurely. For this, God put the gun in the hand of Pastor M.L. Andreasen in the years 1935-1937 to at least partially arrest these influences.

In 1937, he published his wonderful book “The Sanctuary Service” with the second part of the message of the fourth angel, the vindication of the Father by the 144,000. Once again I urge you to read Chapter 21 of this book as it presents in abbreviated form, what our task is right now at the end of the Great Controversy.

An interesting fact about these two pews: In the dream I could not see exactly where the rows were. That’s why I said in a very early version of the dream “fourth or fifth” and later “fifth or sixth” row. But I only saw that this happened at about medium height. The first version of the HSL had slightly different year triplets because they were later refined by the Wadsworth criteria (as stated in the Vessel of Time presentation). As a result, these pews shifted slightly. It is amazing to me that the dream included then unknown circumstances, and I could not see exactly which pews they were.

Then I see a gainsayer directly in front of me. Immediately, the director, my friend, and I hold the same kind of pistol in our hands and shoot. Again, no sound, no wound, but the gainsayer is dead. That was the last one.

The pew in front of me represents the years 1986-1988, in which the course was set for the church to fall headlong into the ecumenical movement. God started a counter attack in the next triplet years (2010, 2011, 2012) through myself, my friend, and the ominous director character. This counter-attack was the gift of the third part of the fourth angel’s message, which will now be explored in its full detail in the following part of the dream.

Despite all the gainsayers, there was always an often invisible faithful remnant in the SDA church, who held up the old teachings and standards. God has always kept a remnant as in the days of the prophet Elijah. And God needs only a few faithful to accomplish a great work. He demonstrated that once before with a remnant of 12 faithful from among all the Israelites. The light of the fourth angel was always the light of the Holy Spirit, which led to an ever-deepening understanding of the plan of redemption and the plan of salvation. Ellen G. White even says that the redeemed will continue to study it throughout eternity and will gain new and rich insights about it.

Our High Calling

Then the woman on the podium makes a call to repentance and new surrender to the Lord Jesus with the new knowledge about our destiny. She asks all who want to surrender to God to come to the podium. All the Adventists from the right pew bank go down—all except the dead gainsayers. When I look to my left to the other pews, I notice that everyone who sat there before had left the hall. Suddenly, all of the Adventists at the podium turn to me, and the woman starts to lead them. They are coming up the stairs towards me with shining faces. I notice that they wish to show their gratitude to someone. But in no way do I want to be worshiped by them, so I want to flee. Doing this, I turn my head slightly to the right and at the wall behind me I see a giant, rough-cut cross, which had apparently been there all the time without me having noticed it.

The third part of the light of the fourth angel, covered in the next part of this article series, explains in detail the sacred nature of our work. The Father now sits in the dock because of Satan, the accuser, to be defended by us. We will show what the consequences will be to the universe and to God Himself if we fail.

The woman (the pure remnant church, symbolized by Ellen G. White) now begins marching in time toward my friend, the director and me. She brings all the faithful Adventists upward who do not follow the teachings of the gainsayers. This group symbolizes those who are not contaminated with false doctrines (like QOD), who are conservative or historic Adventists who have embraced the light of righteousness by faith and the vindication of the Father by the last generation.

The scene clearly shows that no credit belongs to me, but that everything comes from our Lord Jesus who has prepared the way for us. Without Him, we could not perform our duty, as we would all still be condemned to eternal death because of our sins.

The Adventist liberal left emptied their pews and left the auditorium in the cleansing process by the time the messages were given in 2010, 2011 and 2012. This went unnoticed by many Adventists as they were sifted by the Orion message, the HSL, and now the last part of the message of the fourth angel.

This part of the dream with the cross gives me the great assurance that Jesus always stood behind the messages, even though I often felt very lonely in the storm of hostility from the Church.

That these Adventists come to me, means that they finally accept the messages and sound the loud cry.

The Triangle of Guns

Again, I turn to the crowd led by the woman, which is still getting closer to my friend, the director and me. But now I understand that they do not want to worship me, but fall on their knees before the cross. I wait until they have arrived to me and the woman falls down directly in front of me. At that moment, out of her hand slips a pistol with the same design as the others. Then I kneel down before the woman—not to pay homage to her, but to give respect and worship to Jesus, together with her. I’m so low on my knees, that my hands are touching the ground. Now I see that I have a pistol in each of my hands and I put them in front of the woman’s pistol on the floor. My two pistols are now right in front of the woman’s pistol and together, they form a triangle. My two pistols are placed in a way that the barrel of one points to the handle of the other.

My two spiritual pistols represent the two basic messages I had received from Jesus since 2010: The Orion Clock and the Vessel of Time. They are pointed toward each other, because one message is the mirror image of the other and they complement each other. The heavenly sanctuary (Orion) is reflected in the earthly sanctuary (High Sabbath List). Recognizing Jesus in the two sanctuaries was the test for those Adventists who would belong to the 144,000. They had to challenge human interpretations of the no-time-setting quotes of Ellen G. White to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit (the fourth angel) and make their decision.

Then, and only then, would they get more light—the third part of the fourth angel’s message, which is represented by the gun of the woman (the church). The message was brought to me through the history of the Adventist Church. The gun of the woman has all three parts of the fourth angel’s message:

  1. Righteousness by faith in Jesus
  2. Vindication of the Father by the 144,000
  3. The consequences, should we fail our mission

Together, the three guns form a triangle, with the woman’s gun at the top:

The 3 Pistols of the Fourth Angel's MessageThis triangle represents the three parts of the plan of salvation for the universe, and also the three Persons of the Divine Council who are behind this plan. It is also a sign of the loud cry of the third angel, who will warn the world not to accept the mark of the beast.

Before I interpret the next part of the dream, I’ll let my dear brother, Robert, speak as promised. He will now accurately explain the third part of the light of the fourth angel.

We are reluctant to interpret the remainder of the dream in public, because it is about a criminal case of cosmic proportions in which we are involved. It will show who the Judas is in our midst, and what a horrible act of betrayal he has committed. But first, we need to understand what is really at stake here, and what the consequences will be if our mission is a failure. That is the only way to appreciate how sinister the role is that the director plays in my dream.

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