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State senator calling for Sunday Law finds Seventh-day Adventists sleeping at the wheel

With classic plausible-deniability, Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen communicated a secret agenda in such a way that the masses would not recognize it. On March 24, she made a comment recommending the creation of a law that would require every American to attend church on Sunday, as a way of combatting violence.[1]

Several points need to be clear:

  1. Her comments reveal the real agenda, even though she followed it up by saying “...but since that would never be allowed, and I—and we would not even be debating that, I am going to vote yes,” referring to her vote for the gun bill that was being debated at the time.

    She says that since it would never be allowed, she votes yes on the gun bill. The implication is that if a Sunday law would be allowed, she would be promoting it instead. In other words, even spoken “flippantly,” her comment expresses her true opinion and the course she would readily pursue if it were allowed. Since all major churches have united with Pope Francis,[2] requiring attendance at any “church of your choice” (as she said) is as good as legislating Catholicism. This means Sylvia Allen is a papist and does not believe in the bill of rights.

    I emphasize this to show that she is definitely an agent at some level in Satan’s ranks, and she speaks the agenda of her commanders.

None of that is any “secret message,” however. I will come to that shortly, but first I want to make another point clear.

  1. Her comments fulfill prophecy, and I’m not just talking about the prophecy that “...even in free America, rulers and legislators, in order to secure public favor, will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance.”[3] I am talking about something much more specific: a time prophecy.

    Ever since we discovered the ten commandment-months,[4] we knew that the Sunday law would begin to develop during the fourth month, which corresponds to the fourth commandment. This fourth month runs from March 18 through April 17, 2015. Sure enough, Sylvia Allen’s comments in the Appropriations meeting were made on March 24, just a week into the period. And how did the SDA Church respond? Did it raise its voice in warning as it should have? Not a word came from anywhere within the General Conference sphere of control!

    This is just the beginning—just a seed being planted in the public mind, but it will not take long for the seed to bear fruit. When the Sunday law really comes, IT WILL BE TOO LATE. “The substitution of...Sunday in place of the Bible Sabbath is the last act in the drama,”[5] so you had better get your own act together now! “When this substitution becomes universal God will reveal Himself.”

It is clear from the outset that Sabbath-keepers will be persecuted by the kind of legislation Sylvia Allen proposes, but isn’t it interesting that there are two different levels of prophetic fulfillment going on? What I mean is: this event signals the Adventist expectation of the Sunday law in general, but High Sabbath Adventists in particular have a more specific understanding of prophecy—time prophecy—which enables us to recognize the significance of this event (and others) in the flow of time. This gives High Sabbath Adventists a definite advantage on the spiritual battlefield.

Satan knows this. He is not at all worried about nominal Adventists, who are sleeping at the wheel. He is worried about those who know the time, because they can see with spiritual eyesight into the heavenly courtroom. He knows who is a threat to his diabolical agenda, and that brings me to my third point that needs to be made clear about Senator Allen’s comments.

In speaking about violence, she made a remark about the weapons that a violent person will use, saying: “[If] you want to do violence, you’ll use a clock in a sc—courtroom, or you can use knives or you can use whatever.” That part of the video was not publicized as much in the media, but it contains the secret agenda I mentioned.

  1. Her comment points the finger at High Sabbath Adventists by saying that a person who wants to do violence will use a “clock in a courtroom” just as well as a knife. High Sabbath Adventists are the ones who use the Clock of God in the Courtroom of Heaven to expose the papacy, and therefore—in keeping with Pope Francis’ “punch” comment—we are being painted as the violent ones who speak against his “mother church.”

    On the surface, this reference to a clock seems to be a reference to any arbitrary harmless object. That would make it all the more remarkable that of all the harmless objects she could think of, this is the one she chose to use for the sake of illustration.

    Furthermore, her little slip sounded like she accidentally started to say “schoolroom” (or something else) instead of courtroom, which also shows that she was deliberate about catching herself, because she had to identify the object as the Judgment Clock, and not just any clock.

The secret message is the identity of their target. Herein you can see the real-life fulfilment of another prophecy of Ellen G. White:

In legislative halls and courts of justice, commandment keepers will be misrepresented and condemned. A false coloring will be given to their words; the worst construction will be put upon their motives. {GC 592.1}[6]

After receiving media backlash, Senator Allen defended her comments without apology. This also shows that she was deliberate about what she said, and although her comments were purportedly “flippant,” she in no way retracted them.

The Forerunner gives a good Bible study on the Sunday law in his breaking news report, which you can see here, complete with subtitles.

(It’s too bad he hasn’t recognized the clock in the courtroom yet.)

The sixth trumpet is just three months away. Are you ready? Are others in your area ready? Know the message for this hour and give it to others!

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