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Hidden Agenda Revealed: Will SDA Church Elect Female President?

In the official brochure for the 60th Session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the church leadership has communicated their agenda for the Session. The language they selected for the brochure is the universal language of symbols, a very natural way of communication for the Mason son of a Mason, Ted Wilson, who is the current president of the worldwide denomination.

Perhaps the most prominent Masonic symbol on the cover of the 2015 GC Session brochure is the Lone Star of Texas, which is not so “lone” as it appears in many places on the brochure. This Texan star symbolizes the Masonic Order of the Eastern Star. The name of the order comes from the “star in the east,” which led to Jesus, but the star of Freemasonry certainly does not lead to Jesus.

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists selected the Eastern Star of Freemasonry to represent the church, when they should have selected the star Alnitak, which means “the Wounded One” who is at the center of the Orion clock in the eastern heavens. (Study the original, so you can debunk the counterfeit!)

The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic order for women, whereas Masonic orders typically admit only men. In fact, “the Order of The Eastern Star is the largest Fraternal Organization in the world to which both women and men can belong.”[1] The masonic star on the 2015 Session brochure shows in symbolic language that the masterminds behind the GC have already decided that the ordination of women will be approved for the World Church during this Session.

Although the issue of women’s ordination has been on the table for decades, as of 2012 the church has taken up the issue with unrelenting determination to reach the goal of changing church policy to allow women into the highest leadership positions in the church. This is a move which flies in the face of God, who prescribed the natural order of leadership in the home as well as in the church. The figurative language that God used to describe the deplorable condition of Isaiah’s day has become a literal reality in ours:

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. (Isaiah 3:12)

Good and evil: the two stars of FreemasonryWhy is the church so decided on reaching this goal? It is because they are in a checkmate situation: it’s a matter of “do or die” because the overarching legal framework of the nations and world require gender equality. In the U.S. in particular, where the church is headquartered, all 501(c)(3) organizations must give equal opportunity for women in leadership, or risk forfeiture of their tax-exempt status.

If the church were to lose its tax-exempt status, it would be socked with an unrepayable debt of back taxes and no other choice than to forfeit its assets (hospitals, schools, churches) to the State.

The GC did not dare to convey such a bold decision with obvious symbolism. The Order of the Eastern Star uses an inverted star for its symbol, which would have been far too conspicuous. Both orientations of the star are used in Freemasonry—representing the male element when a single point is up, and the female element when a single point is down.[2] Therefore, the Texas Star—which has a single point up—had to be altered in a way that would transform it into the Eastern Star (the female counterpart).

What appears to be a cast copper-alloy Texas Star on the brochure has a tell-tale defect. There is a mark that was added, which was obviously not cast into the metal of the original object. An X shape was “photoshopped” into the small circle at the top of the wide ring around the star (see photo). Compare this black X with the cast X in TEXAS at the bottom of the ring, and you will see that it does not have the three-dimensional “feel” of being cast in the metal.

As modified, the ring around the Texas Star has two Xs in total, standing at opposite poles. Put together, it is simply XX. The fact that the added X was placed inside a circle is a hint: it refers to the chromosomes inside a biological cell. The pairing of X and Y chromosomes determines the sex of an organism: XY for male, XX for female.

What the Masonic executives of the GC communicate with this design is simple: in this Session, the church’s God-given male-leadership paradigm will be transformed to match the world’s notion of gender equality, just as the XX chromosomes transform the otherwise male Texas Star into the female Eastern Star. Rather than accommodate these genetic mutations, one would do better to apply the genetic principles that lead to eternal life, as found in the Vessel of Time.

The star also represents a “sea star” or starfish, which is a common (Catholic) symbol for the Virgin Mary.[3] This is one of the symbols on Pope Francis’ coat of arms, and whom he refers to as the prime example of a woman in theological leadership.[4] By using the star so deliberately on its brochure, SDA General Conference leaders echo the message of Pope Francis, but take women’s leadership to a level that even he would not dare to do in his church!

FertilizationThe artists made an accurate representation of sex determination in humans by placing the new X chromosome inside a very small circle, which represents the sperm cell just after it penetrates the outer membrane of the much larger female egg and loses its tail. The X chromosome contributed by the egg is of course already depicted as being within the circle.

Depicting the XX chromosomes at this stage of the fertilization process has important symbolism to Freemasons, who view miscegenation—the mixing of races—as a tool to degrade a people. It also shows that the plan is irreversible as far as the GC leaders are concerned. The egg is fertilized, and all that remains is the development of the embryo.

This begs the question of just whose sperm cell fertilized the church egg? And who is the female child that will develop from this union? The symbol says it all: the embryo is the female Eastern Star of Freemasonry, which is the star of Baphomet, or Satan. It is disgusting how Ted Wilson so deliberately and so clearly depicts the Church’s spiritual adultery—which he himself has arranged.

As you can see, the elements of Masonry are used openly in the design of the Seventh-day Adventist GC Session brochure. When women’s ordination is a done deal, what will keep the Seventh-day Adventist denomination from electing a woman to preside over the World Church?

I end this news brief with a personal appeal to you, dear reader, to take Elijah’s challenge at Mount Carmel seriously by reading Fire at Mount Carmel and by making your final decision to serve the Lord.

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